Rod Lemon Foundation believes that the key to every successful community starts with Parental Engagement in the lives of their kids. Each year, the Rod Lemon Foundation organizes several community enrichment activities with the objective of bringing families together to build and enrich the community’s bond.  At the end of these programs families are encouraged and provided with resources that cater towards emotional development, making good choices, school success, improved health and healthcare, and positive plans and skills for the future.

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      Rod Lemon Foundation offers educational scholarships to inner-city kids who excel in academics. Most inner-city kids from impoverished families are sometimes faced with the dilemma of studying or helping financially at home.  These youths run the risk of dropping out of school in order to assist with the financial obligations and demands of a household as a result of being raised by a single parent. Through our scholarship program, we are able to provide the much needed financial assistance that will enable our youth the ability to focus on education.

      Our scholarship program is not only financial based, but its also hands-on experiential whereby youth can obtain a scholarship to engage in educational field trips, community service initiatives and apply academic skills in solving real-world challenges. We provide crucial guidance to those seeking admission into colleges through our College Admissions Programs Partnerships.

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      At the Rod Lemon Foundation, we have a thorough and comprehensive training program that focuses not only on the intellectual ability of kids, but their social aptitude. The objective is to help youths develop the academic and social skills needed to successfully transition through the various academic  stages in school while educating them on how to make responsible and positive life choices.

      Through a series of life skills workshops and team building activities, youths learn how to build supportive relationships, and develop self-confidence. We train our kids to enhance and develop civic, leadership and employment skills that will help them interact in a professional work environment while simultaneously continuing to strengthen their academic skills.

      Our group-based activities provide kids with a chance to participate in role reversal team building workshops giving them opportunities to take on leadership roles they usually will not perceive themselves to have, thereby developing important skills such as decision making, critical thinking, and perceptive analysis. These enrichment programs ensure that those who participate in the Rod Lemon Foundation Youth Development Program have the necessary skills and opportunities that will enable them to continue to learn and grow once they graduate from the program.

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      Information Technology

      With an objective to furnish inner-city kids with technological resources and tools that will enhance their learning opportunities, build the skills and confidence needed to break the cycle of poverty and be better placed to compete in the real world, we provide a systematic and unique approach to youth development and education by addressing challenges faced by inner-city youth. Our Foundation focuses on ensuring that every household is equipped with a computer, software programs, and internet connectivity necessary to enhance learning skills.

      Through this computer program, parents are more engaged in the lives of their kids. There is an increase in student achievement in literacy, math, sciences, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyles, and leadership. The computers are donated (insert link for donating equipment) with fully incorporated software, experiential learning activities, and learning tools to make learning relevant and engaging. Our goal is to help our youth raise the bar and set high expectations for themselves, experience success, develop a passion for learning, increase school attendance, performance and improve self-confidence.

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